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Garage doors incorporate several moving parts that can wear out over time. A garage door repair professional should be consulted if your garage door does not open or close smoothly, sticks, or does not work correctly. One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair provides a professional garage door repair service. Over the years, we’ve seen almost every garage door problem, including physical damage to panels, track malfunctions, broken springs, and more. Our expert technicians at Agoura Hills garage door repair have the experience to efficiently identify and repair the problem. One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair fixes garage door springs, rollers, and cables.

Since we understand the importance of resolving problems quickly, our Agoura Hills garage door repair specialists arrive in trucks stocked with all the necessary tools and parts so that most garage door repairs can be completed the same day. Call One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair today for professional garage door repair. It is our pleasure to serve you, and we look forward to providing you with excellent customer care. We offer same-day service for only $39. Call us at (888) 210-3772.

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In order to install and repair your gates, One & Only Gate Repair uses the latest and most advanced tools and techniques. It speeds up the process and reduces costs.

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Having garage doors and electric gates installed in Agoura Hills does not have to be expensive. As one of the most affordable companies in the industry, we’ll save you money!

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We understand that time is money. That’s why we value it the most. We strive to complete the project within one day of starting. As a result, you get hassle-free solutions.

Why We're Agoura Hills' Best Choice for Garage Door Repairs

If you want to keep your house or place of business in good shape, it’s crucial to pick the best garage door repair company close to Agoura Hills. As a property owner, you may have issues if a gate is installed incorrectly or in an unpleasant manner. As a consequence, you need to let us install your gate. You may be certain that repairing your garage door will be as pleasant as you had planned thanks to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We don’t charge a fortune for such a crucial service. At One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair in Agoura Hills, we want your garage doors to be in excellent working order and maintain its exquisite appearance for as long as possible. To make things simpler, we provide pricing that are affordable for practically everyone. You receive more than you pay for, not what you pay for. Every day, we ensure that the tools and supplies needed to do the job correctly are in our work trucks and with our gate repair specialists.

In most cases, we can do the task in a single visit.

We provide a range of garage door services in Agoura Hills, including panel replacement, safety sensor alignment, overhead garage door repair, garage door spring replacement, roller replacement, automated garage door replacement, cable replacement, and garage door opener replacement.

Types of Garage Door Repair we offer to Agoura Hills

Our One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair Company regularly encounters several garage door problems. It is possible to avoid some of these problems by performing regular garage door tune-ups, but other problems require more excellent care. Some parts may need to be replaced to restore your garage door.

Our Agoura Hills garage door repair professionals have provided a quick overview below to give you an idea of some of the most common garage door repair services we handle.

  • Garage Door Spring Repair

    This is one of the most common problems our Agoura Hills garage door repair technicians handle. Maintaining your garage door springs over the years is essential since they are one of the first components to wear out if they are not maintained. If mishandled, this piece of equipment can be hazardous due to its high level of tension. You must contact our Agoura Hills garage door repair service as soon as possible if you suspect your garage door spring is damaged. Garage door springs can cause damage to your property and pose a risk of injury if you are not familiar with how to handle them safely.

  • Garage Door Roller Replacement

    Is your garage door opening but rolling roughly along its track? Your garage door rollers are likely to be to blame. The rollers can become bent or excessively flexible over time; as the door moves, the rollers are jolted even further out. Our technicians at Agoura Hills garage door repair can replace the roller entirely or manually adjust the roller track into place to fix this.

  • Garage Door Cable Replacement

    Even though these metal cables are designed to withstand the repeated stress of a pulley system, they often need to be replaced.

    We recommend scheduling an appointment with our Agoura Hills garage door repair team if your cables are causing problems. You can suffer serious injury if you ignore garage door cable problems.

  • Hinges

    You may also experience twisted, broken, or cracked hinges on your garage door.

    This will result in the door sticking in place, stuttering, or stopping, especially when the door is opened or closed automatically rather than manually. It is usually more cost-effective to replace the hinge than the entire door.

  • Parts

    Our goal at Agoura Hills garage door repair is to find the replacement parts you need through our partners or fabrication. We can assist you in finding new garage doors and installing them from start to finish if it is no longer possible or safe to use the same parts because of code issues. Feel free to ask us how.

    Professional technicians at Agoura Hills garage door repair arrive in a fully-equipped service vehicle with various parts.

  • Garage Door Tune-Ups

    Maintenance of your garage doors twice yearly is the most effective way to prevent garage door repair needs. To prevent problems before they occur, we offer a 25-point safety inspection and tune-up service from our Agoura Hills garage door repair service.

We offer a flat-rate tune-up service, including everything from part lubrication to equipment adjustments. To prevent problems and ensure your safety, Agoura Hills garage door repair recommends regular maintenance.

Garage Door Safety Features

Garage door safety features are essential to protecting your family, especially children, from accidents and injuries. It is natural for children to be curious, and they may not be aware of the dangers posed by a moving garage door.

When an automatic reversal system encounters an obstacle, it stops and reverses the door to prevent entrapment and injuries. It is also possible to prevent unauthorized entry into the garage with tamper-resistant hardware and keypads, while motion-detecting lighting improves visibility and discourages criminal activity.

By implementing these safety features, you can ensure the safety and security of your family and home. The safety features of your garage door should also be tested and maintained regularly to ensure that they operate correctly and are available in an emergency. Your family can be kept safe and secure by prioritizing garage door safety.

  1. Automatic reversal system

    Garage doors are equipped with an automatic reversal system as a safety feature. The door will automatically reverse direction if it encounters an obstacle while closing to prevent accidents and protect your family. The following are some suggestions from our Agoura Hills garage door repair team that can assist in protecting your family:

    • Prevents entrapment
      The automatic reversal system will stop the garage door if a person, pet, or object is in the way when it is closing. In this way, entrapment and severe injury can be prevented.
    • Stops the door if it malfunctions

      The garage door may close too quickly or with excessive force if it has a problem, such as a broken spring or cable. To prevent injury or damage, the automatic reversal system will detect this and stop the door from closing.

    • Minimizes damage

      The automatic reversal system will automatically stop and reverse the direction of the garage door if a car or other large object is left in its path. Doing so can prevent damage to the door or the object it is coming into contact with.

    • Provides peace of mind

      An automatic reversal system installed on your garage door can protect your family’s safety.

    It is essential to regularly test your automatic reversal system to ensure it is functioning correctly. Test the system by placing a small object in the door’s path and closing it. When the door hits the object, it should reverse direction. If it does not, please get in touch with our Agoura Hills garage door repair technician to inspect and repair the door.

  2. Manual release feature

    Using the manual release feature, you can manually open or close your garage door during an emergency or power outage. This feature can be found near the motor on most garage door openers and is typically accessed by pulling down a red handle. Once you activate the manual release, the motor is disengaged from the door, and you may manually raise or lower it. This can be useful when the power is out or the motor malfunctions, and you must access or exit the garage.

  3. Motion detection lighting

    Using motion-detection lighting with garage door systems is common practice to enhance security. Lights of this type are designed to turn on automatically when they detect motion, which can deter potential intruders while improving visibility around your garage.

    In response to motion detection, the lighting will turn on and remain on for a specified period before automatically turning off. By doing so, your garage can be made more secure and safe when entering and exiting, as well as deter potential intruders who may be attracted to an area that is dark or poorly lit.

    You can even control motion-detection lighting with a mobile app, making it easy to turn on and off the lights from a distance.

  4. Tamper-resistant hardware

    Tamper-resistant hardware is an essential feature of garage doors that prevents unauthorized entry and ensures safety and security. This hardware typically consists of locks, hinges, and other components that can be tampered with or broken into. Tamper-resistant garage door hardware includes the following:

    • Deadbolts

      Deadbolts provide extra security by extending a solid metal bolt into the doorframe. Deadbolts can prevent unauthorized entry since they are difficult to pick or break.

    • Reinforced hinges

      A hinge reinforced with steel or another material may be challenging to open or break. By using this technique, you can help keep intruders from accessing your garage.

    • Latche

      You can improve your garage’s security by installing latches as another locking mechanism. Both garage doors and side doors can be fitted with latches, and they can be designed to be difficult to pick or break.

      Generally, tamper-resistant hardware is an effective method of improving garage security and preventing unauthorized entry. We recommend you consult with one of our professional Agoura Hills garage door repair technicians to ensure the hardware is installed correctly and adequately. In addition, it is essential to test and maintain your hardware regularly to ensure that it provides the required level of security.

  5. Battery backup

    The backup system typically consists of a rechargeable battery installed in the garage door opener, automatically turning on when power is lost. Our Agoura Hills garage door repair professional has outlined three important points regarding garage door battery backup systems:

    • Backup power

      Installing a garage door battery backup system ensures that your garage door remains operational during a power outage. An emergency, such as a natural disaster or a power outage, may require this capability.

    • Legal Requirements

      Battery backup systems are legally required for newly installed residential garage door openers in Agoura Hills. As a result of the law, safety was improved during power outages, and the risk of entrapment was reduced.

    • Maintenance

      Like all garage door safety features, battery backup systems require regular maintenance. To ensure that the system is ready for use in an emergency, it is essential to test it regularly and replace the battery as needed. Maintaining your garage door regularly ensures that it operates safely and effectively, even during a power outage.

  6. Access Keypads

    It is convenient and secure to operate your garage door with a keypad.

    Providing temporary access to someone, such as a housesitter or delivery person, can be particularly useful in this situation. It is common for garage door keypads to be made of durable, weather-resistant materials, and many models are equipped with backlit displays to be more visible in low-light environments.

  7. Wifi-enabled monitoring and control

    Wi-Fi-enabled garage door monitoring and control can be performed using a smartphone or other mobile device.

    A Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener allows you to control your garage door remotely, which connects to your home wireless network. Monitoring and controlling garage doors via Wi-Fi has several advantages, including:

    • Improved convenience

      You can monitor and control your garage door remotely via Wi-Fi from anywhere at any time. This can be especially helpful when you need to provide temporary access to someone or if you wish to ensure that the garage door is closed while you are away.

    • Increased security

      You can also enhance the security of your home by monitoring the garage door remotely using WiFi-enabled monitoring and control. By doing this, you will be able to detect any suspicious activity.

    • Smart home integration

      Several modern garage door openers feature Wi-Fi connectivity that can be combined with other intelligent devices, such as voice assistants and home security systems. In addition to providing convenience and security, this can also increase the value of your home.

      Using Wi-Fi to monitor and control garage doors is a helpful safety feature that can improve homeowners’ convenience, security, and peace of mind. We will help you ensure that your garage door opener is compatible with Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring and control and that it is installed and functioning correctly with the assistance of our Agoura Hills garage door repair expert.

    • Timer-to-close feature

      Several garage door openers have a timer-to-close feature that allows you to set a delay before the garage door closes after it has been opened. This may be useful if you forget to close your garage door or if you have to leave your garage door open for a prolonged period. You can set the timer-to-close feature so that the door will remain open for a specific period before closing automatically. This feature can ensure that the garage door is closed even if you forget to do so.

You should consult with our Agoura Hills garage door repair technician to ensure that the timer-to-close feature is correctly set up and functioning and that the delay is short or long.

It is essential to have garage door safety features in place to protect your family and ensure the security of your home. You can select from various safety features to meet your requirements, from automatic reversal systems to tamper-resistant hardware to Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring and control.

Whether you have questions or concerns regarding garage door safety, we at One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair are here to assist you. You can count on our Agoura Hills garage door repair technicians to provide expert service and advice. This is true whether you need assistance installing upgraded safety features or testing existing systems.

We are here to help keep you safe and secure with modern garage door safety features. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (833) 210-3772 for more information.

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