Electric Gate Installation

Electric gates are wonderful additions to both homes and businesses. They leave a lasting impression and offer privacy, protection, and security. On the other hand, electric gates can become less reliable and more prone to damage and technical problems if they are used too much and not maintained well enough. With One & Only Garage Door & Gate Repair, we provide affordable, high-quality installation, maintenance, and repair services for electric gates to keep them functioning properly.

Our knowledgeable and helpful personnel can meet all your needs for an electric gate. One & Only Garage Door & Gate Repair offers maintenance and repairs that are affordable and reliable. They have worked with all of the major brands. No matter how small, our pros can find and fix any problem with your gate or opener. Before performing any repairs, we’ll also let you know the problem and how to fix it.

Our commitment to client satisfaction and customer service has helped One & Only Garage Door & Gate Repair build a strong reputation. Contact One & Only Garage Door & Gate Repair if your electronic gate isn’t working right or if you need a new one installed.

We are a California company that specializes in installing electric gates. We can install automatic gates and access controls for businesses and homes. When electric gates and access controls are put in, strict government rules about health and safety are followed.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

In order to install and repair your gates, One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair uses the latest and most advanced tools and techniques. It speeds up the process and reduces costs.  

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Save Money with our Services

Having garage doors and electric gates installed in  your home or business does not have to be expensive. As one of the most affordable companies in the industry, we’ll save you money, guaranteed!

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Same-Day Gate Repair Service

We understand that time is money. That’s why we value it the most. We strive to complete the project within one day of starting. As a result, you get hassle-free solutions.

The Features of Electric Gates

We don’t stop working once your mechanical gate is installed. A functional gate is another service that One & Only Garage Door & Gate Repair offers.
Many homes are equipped with electronic gate openers. You can open and close your gate with these devices, which function similarly to garage door openers. No one can enter your property without your permission, and you don’t have to get out of your car to operate it.

Adding a gate sensor system is another option; it can be calibrated in various ways. On some properties, this mechanism opens the gate automatically when someone leaves their home or business. It will prevent tourists or business traffic from getting stuck without your assistance. The device also has a safety mechanism that prevents the gate from closing when something is blocking it, preventing injuries and property damage.

A keypad or keycard can also use to control access. People with a card or code can only access your property while everyone else is kept out. A remote buzz-in feature is available on some driveway gates that let you let people in using your home phone. Anyone who wants to get in must call or talk to you over an intercom system. Depending on the situation, this might not be a good idea.

We can help you choose an access system that meets your professional or personal needs by reviewing the different designs on the market. Contact us by phone or email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We Install A Variety of Electric Gates

A striking and lovely option for your home or business, electric gates are available in a variety of styles and designs. Custom-built cantilevers, swings, bi-folding gates, and wooden slides are available. Your new entrance should be installed by a professional. One & Only Garage Door & Gate Repair can provide a free estimate with our extensive knowledge of electric gates. Our company’s skilled and courteous professionals can swiftly, ethically, and economically install wooden gates.

Materials That Are Available To Us

Regardless of the design of your electric gate, we always recommend using a steel frame to add strength and stability. Most of the gates we fabricate are wrought iron or wood gates with steel frames. It would help if you chose Redwood for your electric gate as it is light and withstands the elements well.

Stainless steel is another steel you can use for your electric gate. It is more expensive than regular steel but resists corrosion and rust much better. In addition to aesthetic reasons, some people prefer stainless steel.


Finally, what are the current trends? A growing number of high-end properties feature modern, close-boarded automatic gates. Although closed-boarded timber gates are more elegant and offer a higher level of privacy, some people prefer steel gates for their strength and low maintenance requirements.

Electric Gate Installation Process

Although each electric gate installation is unique, we have developed a general 3-step method to ensure your gate installation goes as smoothly as possible.

    1. Site survey and telephone consultation

      When you first contact us about an electric gate installation, we will discuss your initial requirements over the phone. Our team visits your business or home and conducts a site check to ensure we have all of the necessary information and measurements, etc., to comply with legal health and safety standards required to complete the work.

    2. Providing a quote and a tender

      Our site visit will provide us with all the information we need to create a detailed quote that outlines your gate installation and access control needs with a clear timeline. We can add additional requirements during this phase, such as intercom systems or remote controls.

    3. Installation of electric gates and access control systems

      Upon acceptance of our quote/tender, we will plan the project start date with you and begin installing your electric fence and any access controls necessary. We will ensure that you are satisfied with the installation and pass on any information you may need.

What makes us different from other companies?
      • Knowledge We Have

        As a professional company, we install, troubleshoot, and repair electric gates, gate equipment, entry keypads, telephone entry systems, and other sophisticated access devices.

      • Credibility

        With years of experience, we have built a reputation for exceptional customer service and strive to offer the best value.

      • We offer free estimates.

        New installations are available with a free in-home estimate during normal business hours.

You are our top priority.

Our goal is to provide you with honest and reliable electric gate installation services at One & Only Garage Door & Gate Repair. Keeping our neighbors happy, safe, and secure is a priority for us, and we understand how our services impact their homes.

A commitment to quality, trustworthiness, and reliability

When installing an electric gate in your home, working with a dependable and honest company is always important. Our company specializes in the finest quality custom gates that will enhance the beauty and value of your home. We are one of California’s most well-known electric gate companies. Over the years, we have provided great customer service!

Get Your Electric Gate Installed Today!

Our company professionally installs electric gates. With our knowledge of each gate style, we can install them accurately and efficiently without any problems. Whatever type (or types) you need for your property, we can handle it.

Clients come to us for electric gate installation when they’re seeking to enhance their properties’ level of privacy. They trust us to install their electric gates because we pay close attention to detail and always ensure that the job is done right the first time. Our high-quality work makes us proud, and we are fully committed to installing your gates so that they look great and function properly.

To reach us, please fill out the contact form on this page or call (833) 210-3772.

Emergency Gate Repair


When you need emergency garage door or gate repair services in Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County, One & Only Gate Repair is available 7 days a week. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured. Call (833) 210-3772 for a free estimate.