Commercial Gate Systems

Commercial gate systems comprise a series of physical barriers, access control mechanisms, and related infrastructure designed to regulate and manage the entry and exit of vehicles and individuals into commercial and business properties. The systems are typically installed at the entrances and exits of commercial establishments, industrial facilities, office complexes, warehouses, and other places of business.

The primary purpose of a commercial gate system is to enhance security by regulating access and preventing unauthorized entry. Security measures are designed to provide a first line of defense against potential intruders, safeguard business assets and sensitive information, and ensure the safety of employees and visitors on the premises.

Keeping up with trends and technology is our passion at One & Only Garage Door & Gate Repair. This is why we provide a wide range of high-quality commercial gate systems. With this addition, you will stand out from the rest of the neighborhood and feel secure and safe. The company also provides today’s top technology for entry and access, making your life easier and keeping your home or business secure.

In addition to purchasing a new house or enhancing your current business, investing in a commercial gate system of exceptional quality, functionality, and style is essential.

At One & Only Garage Door and Repair, we offer various commercial gate systems in various materials, sizes, colors, insulation values, and wind load ratings. You may choose the commercial gate system that complements the overall look of your home or business from our diverse selection of commercial gate systems.

Essential Elements of a Commercial Gate System

At One & Only Garage Door and Repair Service, we typically use the following components of a commercial gate system:

  • Gates

    The commercial gate systems are equipped with sturdy, durable gates of various types, including slide gates, swing gates, vertical lift gates, and barrier arm gates. As a physical barrier, these commercial gate systems are used to control the points of entry and exit.

  • Access Control Technology

    An integral part of commercial gate systems is access control technology. The system may be a keypad, proximity card, RFID tag, biometric scanner, or smartphone-based system. With the appropriate credentials, authorized personnel can gain access to the facility.

  • Security Features

    Security features like surveillance cameras, intercoms, and motion sensors are often included in commercial gate systems to monitor activities and ensure employee safety.

  • Vehicle Detection Systems

    Using infrared sensors or loop detectors by commercial gate systems is common practice to regulate gate traffic flow. These systems activate the gate’s opening and closing mechanisms by detecting an approaching vehicle.

  • Remote Control and Monitoring

    Most commercial gate systems are equipped with remote control and monitoring capabilities, which enable property owners and managers to operate the gate from a central location or via a mobile application. They can also monitor access logs and receive real-time alerts as a security measure.

  • Safety Mechanisms

    Commercial gate systems are equipped with safety mechanisms such as safety loops, edges, and photocells to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. A commercial gate system with these features can detect obstacles or obstructions and stop or reverse its movement to avoid colliding with them.

Installing a commercial gate system offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing security, controlling access, and managing traffic in various commercial settings. A security system ensures a safe and secure working environment for employees, customers, and valuable assets, giving business owners and occupants peace of mind.

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Meeting Your Unique Needs with Precision

Commercial gate systems play a significant role in the success of a business. We offer a wide selection of stylish, safe, and well-built doors from leading manufacturers to help you create the desired look.

With One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair, we can meet the needs of homes or businesses of any architectural style. Using our designs and advanced technology, we will enhance the curb appeal of your home and business, thereby increasing their functionality and value.

Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Build your commercial gate system
  • Design preferences,
  • Features and needs for budget-friendly security

Making the correct choice requires early identification of these factors.

A perfect combination of style, convenience, and intelligent technology we are proud to offer products by Wayne Dalton, Richards-Wilcox, and Martin Door. Choose the gate system from our diverse inventory that best suits your taste and preferences. Invest in one of our secure, elegant, and durable commercial gate systems today to increase your property’s curb appeal and resale value.

Choose The Perfect Commercial Gate System For Your Business

At One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair, we have a comprehensive selection of commercial gate systems to suit any business or application.

  • Parking security gates.

    Make sure your parking operation runs smoothly and securely. A variety of open picket or fully welded commercial gates are available to prevent unauthorized access while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property. Buildings such as condominiums, offices, and parking garages require gates that can withstand high cycling loads.

  • Swing gates.

    For businesses that require perimeter security and controlled access, swing gates are a functional and aesthetic solution. You can choose from various materials for our swing gates, including structural steel, chain link, and durable aluminum. Some businesses that benefit from our versatile selection include equestrian facilities, manufacturing facilities, wineries, and farms.

  • Sliding gates.

    In situations where swing gates are impractical, slide gates offer a space-saving alternative. You may select materials such as aluminum, chain link, and steel to meet the needs of your business.

  • Bi-folding gates.

    Small spaces up to six meters wide are suitable for bi-folding gates. Due to their ability to open and close quickly, they are an excellent choice for high-traffic operations. Upon opening the commercial gate system, each leaf folds over on itself using hinges connecting them vertically. It is possible to install a bi-folding gate as a trackless system, so dirt and debris cannot impede the gate’s movement.

  • Vertical pivot gates

    Due to the lack of overhead restrictions, this commercial gate system is ideal for controlling vehicle access to a facility. When vertical pivot gates are opened, they rotate at one bottom corner and pivot upward at a 90-degree angle. During the complete opening of the commercial gate system, the system rests in an upward position. Snow does not accumulate on the pathway or tracks of sliding gates, as it does with slide gates.

  • Barrier arms.

    Barrier arms are raised from horizontal to vertical positions to control traffic flow and allow access to secure areas. Human-monitored entrances and exits are an excellent choice if directing vehicular traffic is your primary objective. You can also use them in conjunction with an automatic gate system to ensure the safety and security of your facility after hours.

Identifying Commercial Gate Repair System Emergencies

There can be a wide range of security breaches that may occur as a result of a commercial gate system repair emergency. Here are some examples of commercial gate system repair emergencies that our One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair company has handled:

  • Failed commercial gate system

    It is possible to gain unauthorized access to the premises if a commercial gate system is operated. In such circumstances, gate repair is necessary to restore regular operation as soon as possible.

  • The commercial gate system is stuck.

    A gate stuck partially open or closed can be dangerous and impede traffic flow. Mechanical failures, obstructions, or electrical problems may cause this problem.

  • Safety hazards

    A malfunctioning commercial gate system poses a safety risk to individuals or vehicles. If a gate is stuck halfway, immediate attention is necessary to prevent accidents and ensure smooth traffic flow.

  • Security breaches

    A malfunctioning commercial gate system lock or access control system could compromise the security of your property. To prevent unauthorized entry, immediate repair or replacement is essential.

  • Malfunctioning access control system

    Keypads, card readers, and intercoms that malfunction can negatively impact authorized access. To maintain controlled entry and security, quick repairs are necessary.

  • Communication system failure

    A malfunctioning commercial gate intercom or communication system prevents visitors and property occupants from communicating effectively. Therefore, immediate repairs are necessary to avoid inconveniences and security concerns.

Maintenance Tips For Commercial Gate Systems

Your commercial gate system requires different maintenance plans depending on the season. When you ignore your gate at any time of the year, you could experience mechanical failure and a breakdown that will require a costly repair. It would be best to take specific measures to ensure your commercial gate system works properly throughout the season. Here are some tips from our One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair team.

  • Inspect your gate thoroughly.

    Examine all the pieces and parts of your commercial gate system, including latches, hinges, springs, and gate wheels. Inspect the metal for rust or corrosion, cracks, and warps. Check your sliding gate’s tracks and rollers to ensure they are in good condition and straight. Cut back any foliage or other obstructions that may interfere with the swing trajectory of the gate if it is a swinging gate.

    Inspecting the wood of your commercial gate system for signs of wet or dry rot is essential. Wood affected by wet rot appears soft with dark spots and cracks. There are usually white and fluffy blooms associated with dry rot. It would be best to paint or stain your wooden gate every two to three years.

    If any parts need to be repaired or replaced, don’t hesitate to contact One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair at (833) 210-3772 so that we can make all the necessary adjustments.

  • Wash your gate

    Keep your commercial gate clean and in good condition by thoroughly cleaning it. Clean the commercial gate system operator inside and out, and remove leaves and debris from cracks and crevices. Commercial gate systems made of metal or vinyl can be cleaned easily with water, a soft sponge, and mild detergent.

  • Keep things clean

    Ensure your commercial gate system is dirt, rock, and leaf-free. This debris can get caught in the tracks of the commercial gate system and cause problems. Use a leaf blower or broom to clean the area around your commercial gate system. Maintain a well-trimmed hedge line, shrubs, and trees, and remove wood piles and standing water, as these can attract insects and rodents that damage commercial gates.

  • Lubricate moving parts

    Metal-on-metal mechanics are used in commercial gate systems. Commercial gate systems do not function correctly without lubrication. When internal components grind against each other, they wear down or break. It is necessary to lubricate screws, rollers, hinges, chains, and pulleys. Petroleum-based lubricants should be avoided due to their tendency to attract dust. You should use white lithium grease or a silicone-based lubricant instead.

  • Keep pests at bay.

    Insects and rodents become active during the summer months and seek out places to establish their homes, and your commercial gate system is an ideal place to do so. These animals can get into tiny openings, chewing through cables and constructing nests that can interfere with electronics. In some cases, slugs and snails leave moisture trails on circuit boards that cause them to be short.

    Spray an outdoor pesticide regularly around your commercial gate system to prevent insects and rodents from entering. A professional exterminator may also be able to detect signs of infestation around your commercial gate.

  • Test your commercial gate system.

    Examine how your commercial gate system works throughout the summer by opening and closing it occasionally. When a commercial gate system makes grinding noises, moves with difficulty, or does not open or close entirely, it is time to repair it.

  • Be sure to call for help.

    Suppose. Do not hesitate to schedule our One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair professional to address any issues you notice with your commercial gate system. It is important to remember that the longer you wait, the more costly and extensive the repair will be.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    A professional inspection and maintenance of your commercial gate system is the best way to avoid inconvenient and costly breakdowns. Among our One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair services is a planned maintenance program that helps you detect minor problems before they grow into major ones.

Our team of professionals will track when your commercial gate system needs to be inspected and arrange a visit according to your schedule. During an inspection of a commercial gate, a technician will examine the electrical connections, examine all mechanical parts and hardware for signs of damage, test and adjust the gate’s torque, and ensure the manual release, obstacle detection, and auto-reverse functions are functioning correctly.

Enhancing Security and Efficiency: Commercial Gate System Operators and Automation

Our residential gate openers provide consistent performance, security, and durability. Our FAAC and LiftMaster openers are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide various accessories and customization options.

Find Your Fit

At One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair, we offer brands you can trust, such as FAAC and LiftMaster. For commercial establishments seeking secure access to their property, these products provide unparalleled performance, reliability, and quiet operation.

  • FAAC 620
  • FAAC 640
  • FAAC B680
  • FAAC J200
  • FAAC J275

Regarding privacy and security, metal gates are the most popular and reliable choice for commercial and industrial applications.

Gates made from aluminum are durable, require little maintenance, and resist corrosion, but they tend to dent more quickly than steel ones. Compared with aluminum, steel is heavier, more resistant to impact, and more likely to rust. Wrought iron is a good choice for durability and visual appeal, but it requires more maintenance due to its susceptibility to corrosion.


You must install your commercial gate system correctly to prevent thieves and intruders from entering your home. Our One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair installers participate in ongoing training and certification programs, so you can rest assured that your commercial gate system will function flawlessly and meet all your security needs.

Our goal at One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair is to provide expert installation and maintenance of your commercial gate system and the critical thinking necessary to avoid potential problems.

Why Choose One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair Services?

  • Our certified specialists provide fast, direct assistance
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  • Brands of the highest quality in a diverse inventory
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Our rigorous standards at One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair contribute to our commitment to consistently providing high-quality products, services, and experiences. Providing exceptional customer service and fair pricing has contributed to the growth of our company. At One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair, we are here to help, from assessments and diagnostics to on-site repairs and preventive maintenance. Contact us at (833) 210-3772. One of our helpful representatives will be eager to assist you and get you the answers or services you require.

If you trust our expertise and commitment, you can be confident that your commercial gate system will receive expert care and attention.

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