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A gate that isn’t installed correctly could cause damage to your house. You may suffer catastrophic injuries if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or thousands of dollars in damages if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are a beginner, repairing your gate will take much work.

As a homeowner, you may run into trouble if your gate needs to be built correctly or aesthetically pleasing. The professionals at One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair will provide you with high-quality service when you choose them to repair your garage door or gate. Our company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Glendale gate repair services offer excellent work at competitive prices, so almost anyone can have a well-functioning gate in Glendale that looks elegant and polished. To ensure that you receive superior service for your Glendale gate repair, call (833) 210-3772 today.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

In order to install and repair your gates, One & Only Gate Repair uses the latest and most advanced tools and techniques. It speeds up the process and reduces costs.

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Save Money with our Services

Having garage doors and electric gates installed in Glendale does not have to be expensive. As one of the most affordable companies in the industry, we’ll save you money!

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Same-Day Gate Repair Service

We understand that time is money. That’s why we value it the most. We strive to complete the project within one day of starting. As a result, you get hassle-free solutions.

Why We're Glendale's Best Choice For Gate Repairs

To keep your home or place of business in good shape, it’s crucial to find the best gate repair company in Glendale. As a property owner, you might experience issues if a gate is installed improperly or hastily. Kindly allow us to install your gate for you. The smooth operation of your gate repair is guaranteed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We don’t anticipate paying astronomical prices for such a crucial service. For as long as possible, we at One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair in Glendale want your gates to operate flawlessly. To make things easier, we offer reasonable costs that almost everyone can afford. For the price you pay, you get more than you pay for. We make sure the tools our gate repair specialists use, and the work vehicles, are prepared for anything every day.

We can often finish the task in just a single visit.

Furthermore, we provide a range of gate services in Glendale, including panel replacement, safety sensor alignment, automatic gate repair, replacement of gate springs, roller replacement, cable replacement, garage gate repair, electric gate repair, and automatic gate opener repair.

What Glendale Gates Have to Offer

The following are some of the benefits of gates:
  • There is a sense of security associated with it

    Glendale gates are an excellent way to restrict access to your property, thus ensuring your safety. You can integrate your gate with the fence surrounding your property for easy access control. Gates are automatically locked, and coded keypads are available as security features.

  • It provides a secure environment

    Besides protecting your home from intruders, your Glendale gate protects your neighbors. With adequate protection, children and pets may stay on the property. Ensure your property is appropriately secured to ensure your family’s safety.

  • The convenience it provides is invaluable.

    Nowadays, most Glendale gates are automatic, which is quite convenient. The options include keyless entry, indoor controls, or car-mounted openers, like garage openers. This convenient feature lets you open your gate in the rain without leaving home. You can open your gate automatically by pushing a button.

The Different Types of Gates in Glendale

The following types of gates are the most commonly repaired by our Glendale gate repair professionals.
  • Slide Gates
  •  Swing Gates
  •  Barrier Gates
  •  Vertical Pivot Gates
  •  Vertical Lift Gates

We Honor Manufacturer’s Instructions for Every Gate Brand

Different gate brands have different features. Therefore, handling them requires a lot of expertise. To serve you in the best way possible, we honor the manufacturer’s guidelines to deliver beautiful results. We at Glendale gate repair services have repaired all the leading brands. Thus, we will offer you the help you need to keep your gate working. We can comfortably troubleshoot the following and many other opener brands:

  • Eagle
  • Doorking
  • Reno
  • Viking
  • Linear
  • Ramset

If you have at home or in your business any of the above brands or any other, then we are the group you need to work with so you get the best possible results. Our Glendale gate repair services are offered daily, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at (833) 210-3772 for the best services in Glendale City.

Providing High-Quality Gate Installations

One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair can install different types of gates based on your requirements. If you choose One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair, you’ll receive the right gate for your property and unique benefits. Working with a gate installation and repair service provider can be challenging if you have never dealt with one before. Our Glendale gate repair specialists will guide you through the process to ensure no surprises during installation. We aim to be your long-term gate installation and repair experts for your peace of mind.

When Is the Right Time to Have Your Gate Inspected and Repaired?

When many property owners seek expert assistance to fix their malfunctioning gate, it’s usually too late and costly to repair the damage. As a caring home or business owner who wants to enjoy security for their property, you need to be proactive. You ought to do things at the right time. With the help of our Glendale gate repair technicians, you can devise a schedule to have your gate inspected periodically. Having fixed thousands of gates and mastered the art of keeping them in an excellent working state, we can help you understand them so you can watch out for signs indicating an issue brewing up. Some of these signs are:


When you experience any of the above issues, contact our Glendale gate repair team for immediate help. Such problems usually occur when your gate has problems. We can help you fix them early to avoid incurring huge costs later. If you want to minimize repair costs as much as possible, invest in preventive maintenance to keep gate issues away. With our Glendale gate repair specialists, you can devise a periodic maintenance schedule. We’ll check your entire gate system. With such a proactive approach, you’ll never complain about gate problems.

Your Dedicated Team for Resolving All Gate Challenges

Our Glendale gate repair technicians are great and have tremendous knowledge of gates. That is why our loyal customers in Glendale are confident in our services. We are speedy and never delay when you call us for gate repair or installation help. We understand that a delayed minute can cause serious problems that could have been avoided. Keeping you safe is our top priority, so we have formed a highly responsive emergency response team.

We want to see our beloved customers satisfied with our services. At Glendale gate repair, we do our job well, guaranteeing security and safety. One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair is the company you should hire for immediate and outstanding services.

The Best Gate Repair Services in Glendale

Looking for the best gate repair service near you? You're in the right place and don't hesitate to reach out.

Why Choose Us?

We are your one-stop source for any gate problem you may run into – regardless of whether that problem is small or large. Our goal at Glendale Gate Repair Services is to offer affordable prices while providing exceptional customer service. There is no need to break the bank to obtain gate repair services. We have experienced technicians who can repair all types of gates.

We repair electric, solar, and automatic gates on time and do it right the first time. We know all gate brands, including GTO/PRO, Lift Master, and Linear gate openers. Whether the gate is for gate communities or the gate of your driveway, our Glendale gate repair experts can repair your gate to work correctly.

Our company offers a free estimate on gate repair, custom gates, and gate installation. We provide affordable service, installation, and gate repair at One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair. Providing complete gate service is one of our specialties. You can request service online and receive a discount of up to 10%. Contact us today at (833) 210-3772.

What Makes One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair The Best Gate Service Provider for Glendale Gate Repair

To distinguish ourselves from other Glendale gate repair companies, we offer the following features:
  • Our Glendale gate repair, installation, and maintenance company is well-established.
  • We offer affordable gate repair services to both residential and commercial clients.
  • We aim to provide our customers with high-quality gate repair and installation services.
  • We provide same-day service for urgent gate repairs in Glendale from One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair.
  • We are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Glendale’s Trusted Gate Company

Our decades of industry experience, excellent service on each gate, and knowledgeable technicians make One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair unique. We’re proud to be the Glendale gate repair company. That’s why most of our business comes through referrals and repeat customers.

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Are you interested in learning more about our Glendale gate repair services? Interested in talking with our Glendale gate repair pros about what makes our company unique and what we offer? Set up an on-site visit with us today, and we’ll come to your property conveniently. We aim to determine your gate needs, provide a competitive price quote, and respond to your request quickly.

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