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Having your automatic gate installed will provide you with a sense of peace and security. Your safety and security are instantly jeopardized if your gate has a problem. The speed of response is important in the security industry.
Customers frequently receive same-day responses from One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair to their inquiries. When searching for a service provider, we understand that you want the finest and that being certain you are in capable hands is essential. With One & Only Garage Door and Automatic Gate Repair in Los Angeles, we provide knowledgeable and quick service that you will undoubtedly value. In our team, we fully understand the need for your peace of mind that your gate works; thus, we take this need seriously.

Our Los Angeles automatic gate repair experts near you are the best in the business if your gate starts to malfunction or breaks entirely and you need to replace it. Any damaged or not working gate will be fixed immediately. Please call (833) 210-3772 to arrange a visit for only $39

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State-of-the-Art Technology

In order to install and repair your gates, One & Only Gate Repair uses the latest and most advanced tools and techniques. It speeds up the process and reduces costs.

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Having garage doors and electric gates installed in Los Angeles does not have to be expensive. As one of the most affordable companies in the industry, we’ll save you money!

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We understand that time is money. That’s why we value it the most. We strive to complete the project within one day of starting. As a result, you get hassle-free solutions.

The Significance of Automatic Gates in Los Angeles Homes and Businesses

It is easy to see the usefulness of an automatic gate system if you have one. Automated gate systems are crucial for every home or business security. Thanks to automatic gates, you can be confident that you can control who comes and goes from your house or place of business. Swinging, sliding, and overhead are just a few variations of automatic gates. Any scenario is manageable for us.

We will meet and help you choose a system that suits your demands as well as those of your neighboring house or place of business with the help of our educated and efficient technicians. After that, we will help you install this crucial home component. Call us so we can upgrade your existing electric gate or provide you with the convenience and security of a brand-new one. We offer services that will satisfy you completely.

Among the gate parts, we can install, repair, or maintain the following:

Types of Los Angeles Automatic Gate Repair Near You We Handle

Your automatic gate may need maintenance on several parts. Some of the features of your automatic gate that can need service or repairs can be carried out by our professionals, just like the following:
  • Motorized Overhead Gates

    Most overhead operators are installed in busy areas like apartment complexes and business structures. The strength of overhead gate openers ranges from light to heavy. Your decision will be influenced by the weight, entrance, and frequency of opening and closing of the gate.

  • Sliders (Electrical Sliding Gates)

    Slide operators are usually used when there is little space beyond the property line, and the gate moves parallel to the fence or wall. Depending on the size of the entrance, the weight of the gate, and the frequency of daily opening and closing, slider gate openers come in various sizes, from heavy duty to light duty. Based on the site’s specifications, our knowledgeable team of gate repair and replacement specialists will assist you in choosing the best decision.

  • Swingers (Automatic Swing Gates)

    A swing gate is often utilized when one or more inward- or outward-swinging doors are present. Swingers have developed over time to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications, silent operation, high-security crash ratings, and lasting sturdiness for homes and businesses. To find out if a swinger is the best option for you, get in touch with us right away at (833) 210-3772.

Los Angeles Automatic Gate Repair of Hardware and Accessories

The problem may not always be with the electric gate system. Your electric gate system’s tiny moving parts could malfunction due to normal wear and tear, use, and exposure to the elements. Sometimes, a straightforward repair of one of the smaller parts of the electric gate system is adequate. Individual component repairs are more time and money effective than system-wide repairs.

If this is the case, one of our knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles automated gate repair specialists will come to your home to access your electric gate system to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. We may also schedule a time for you to resolve your electric gate in Los Angeles. We are open any time, and we’ll get there right away. We don’t mind, as long as it’s convenient for you. Our Los Angeles automatic¬†electric gate repair experts near me can service any system with moving parts. We are already aware of:

Your gate is in the best hands for automatic gate repair in Los Angeles. Our technicians are educated, certified, and covered by insurance. Depending on the situation, a professional or tech will come to your property, assess the damage, and replace or fix your electronic gate that same day. Every gate ultimately needs maintenance and repair.

24/7 Gate Repair Throughout California
One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair has provided service to over 47,000 clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, and other parts of California. Our goal is to serve as a single-source provider for single-family homes, multi-family structures, homeowners associations, and commercial properties. When assistance is necessary, we will:
  • Answer your call day and night by a live person.
  • Quickly dispatch a technician during normal business hours for emergency issues.
  • Forward your call to a technician who can help assess the issue and dispatch a technician for emergencies at any other time.

The Best Gate Repair Services in Los Angeles

Looking for the best gate repair service near you? You're in the right place and don't hesitate to reach out.

Why Choose One & Only Garage Door and Automatic Gate Repair In Los Angeles

When you call One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair with repair problems, One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair adheres to a strict process compared to other automatic gate services. We’ve discovered that the failure of different components and a lack of maintenance are generally the causes of visible operational problems with the tens of thousands of automatic gates we repair each year. When our professional arrives at a client’s site, they immediately examine any obvious issues because they know why they have been sent there. The expert will examine the damage and decide whether replacing the damaged parts is the better option given the age of the system or whether repairing the complex components is the best line of action.
Following the choice, our technician will:
  1. Examine chains for weak links and lubrication needs.
  2. Make modifications to any parts that need to be calibrated.
  3. Make sure your security gate is functioning properly by checking each component.
  4. Verify sensor plates and/or ground loops.
  5. Verify the sensor alignments.
Trained Gate Technicians
We only engage skilled technicians and provide them with in-depth training at One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair. When the crew arrives at your site, each person will have had training and be capable to:
  • Check electrical systems for issues and make the necessary repairs.
  • Fix the hinges and welds.
  • Verify that your automatic gate system utilizes the most recent safety innovations.
  • Replace damaged components with precisely what is required for your unique system if repairing your system is not advised.
  • Do not employ pricey generic components. You will receive replacement parts that are compatible with your system from our specialist.

Experienced Los Angeles Automatic Gate Repair Near Me

It would be beneficial if you worked with a company that provides total customer assistance for automatic gate maintenance. In contrast to other security gate businesses, One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair fixes the most obvious problems before assessing the entire system. Before leaving, a team member will inspect every aspect of your automatic gate to ensure it is calibrated correctly, that all safety measures are installed and functional, and that all moving parts have been lubricated. When our professionals leave, you can be sure that your premises are secure and everything is functioning as it should.

If you have a malfunctioning or damaged mechanical gate, One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair will be able to repair it for you. We are open any hour of the day and night, and we have been named the best-automated gate maintenance company near me in Los Angeles.