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Many people take the simplicity and convenience of driveway gates for granted until they encounter a problem. Residents of your home or apartment building, and even those who work in secure facilities, may experience various issues. It is crucial for building managers, apartment complex managers, and homeowners to take the initiative to ensure driveway gates operate effectively and efficiently.

If you wish to increase the affluence or security of your Los Angeles home, it is a good idea to repair your driveway gates. Among the best materials for driveway gates are aluminum, wood, chain link, and wrought iron. You’ve found the proper place if you’re looking for the top Los Angeles driveway gate repair service.

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In order to install and repair your gates, One & Only Gate Repair uses the latest and most advanced tools and techniques. It speeds up the process and reduces costs.

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Having garage doors and electric gates installed in Los Angeles does not have to be expensive. As one of the most affordable companies in the industry, we’ll save you money!

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Various Driveway Gates We Have Offered in Los Angeles

  • Automatic Driveway Gate Installation

    We provide automatic and electric driveway gate motor installation for home and commercial security gates. This facilitates business operations or makes things convenient on a day when you could be running behind schedule. Our automated motors have a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and two remote controls.

    To guarantee that the gate will withstand wear and tear regardless of the gate use flow, we only employ premium Lift Master motors. We install a v-track for sliding gates to ensure alignment each time the gate moves open and shut.

    Swing gates are correctly calibrated to avoid overextension or gate damage, so they only swing as far as necessary to open. Regardless of the gate, you have built, we can handle all the wiring and installation.

  • Privacy Driveway Gates

    It might be annoying when neighbors see into your rear or front yard. We provide privacy gates to provide security that comes from seclusion.

    Our crew is considerate of homeowners’ privacy and is aware of the type of installation needed to ensure that privacy. We can construct a steel or wood privacy driveway gate for you. Please fill out our internet-based form to request a free estimate on a new driveway gate for your home’s security and privacy needs.

  • Swing, Double Swing Gate, and Sliding Driveway Gate

    Different types of gate openings are used for various driveway gate installations, despite the large variety of driveway gate sizes and styles. Swing, double swing, and slide are the three possibilities. Our sliding gates have a v-track, a steel track with a v-shape that allows the gate to travel smoothly and maintain perfect alignment each time it opens or closes.

    We advise steel frames for every gate we install because they are more durable than wood over time and do not change with the weather. Our gates and fencing are strong and last for many years.

Understanding Emerging Issues

Problems with driveway gates do not arise overnight. Since these issues will likely continue to worsen and develop, there are usually warning indicators that one should be aware of. If your driveway gate is becoming increasingly slow to open and close or it seems to be jerking open or shut with sudden force, there may be a problem with the electrical power to the motor, or an object may be lodged on the gate’s track. You might require a new entrance, or the driveway gate track needs to be repaired if the driveway gate has frequently made harsh contact with vehicles and is running slowly.

Troubleshoot Your Driveway Gate System With Skilled Professionals

Avoiding assumptions might be helpful that the driveway gate system at your house, a complex of apartments, or a business will always function the same or that the repairs to the gate system will be the same as those you have seen before. Driveway gate systems controlled by a telephone entry system frequently experience issues. For example, the system may reject your gate code, not ring at all, or you may not be able to hear your visitor. A specialist capable of swiftly identifying and fixing the issue should repair this type of system.

Implement preventative safety measures

Your driveway gate may frequently only sustain damage from your car, your lawnmower, or even your child’s bike crashing into the fence and damaging the gate’s sensor or gate motor, necessitating additional safety measures. Your driveway gate should have extra security features if it enters an apartment building or is on a business property you own or manage.

Different Safety Measures to Ponder

One such simple but effective protection is the installation of a photo-eye, which activates and forces the gate to reverse if the signal across your driveway is disrupted. Some of the more well-known examples of safety gadgets on the market right now include:
  1. Loop sensor.

    The loop sensor, buried beneath your driveway, uses a magnetic field to find your car. This is reliable vehicle protection widely utilized in commercial premises.
  2. Miller-edge.

    This gate’s edge-mounted rubber piece serves as the touch-activated sensor. The sensor immediately signals your operator to turn around when it runs into an obstruction. It offers good vehicle protection.
  3. Photo-eye.

    A signal is sent and received by the picture eye across your driveway; when this communication is broken, your gate will reverse. This is an excellent, affordable kind of protection for children, cars, and pets.


Different Safety Measures to Ponder

A built-in reverse sensor is a feature found on most gate operators. When it encounters an obstruction, this sensor stops or reverses the gate. You must have at least two safety measures installed if your gate is put on a commercial property (residential structures with more than four units are also considered commercial properties) (UL-325 industry standard).

Although it is not required, we advise installing a second safety device to forbid contact entirely. Your gate operator may already have a reverse sensor, but your car could sustain harm before it reverses. You can stop this from happening for a relatively minimal price.

What should servicing in my gate include?

When maintaining your gate, do the following:
  1. Adjust the spring or chain tension (for slide gates) (for overhead gates).
  2. Lubricate the wheels, chains, guide rollers, and hinges (if the gate is a swing gate) (in case of a slide gate).
  3. Ensure that the gate’s travel time is suitably adjusted.
  4. Confirm that, if any, all safety equipment is in place and operating as intended.
  5. Ensure that the gate is open and that its surroundings are spotless.

When should I have my gate service?

It is best to do gate maintenance before it completely fails. It is a good idea to have your gate serviced when one of the following occurs:
  1. The chain is slack (if it touches the ground, service is due for a long time).
  2. Whenever the gate is opened or shut, it slams into the post.
  3. Noises like grinding or squeaking.
  4. The gate is moving less quickly than it formerly did. Regardless, depending on how frequently it is used, we advise getting your gate serviced at least once a year.

Why did my gate stop working?

Your gate may have ceased working for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, your gate operator requires electricity to function; ensure that the gate’s electrical breaker is turned on. Look for evidence that your operator has power if you don’t have a dedicated breaker for the entrance or don’t know where it is. When you press your remote, you should hear a clicking noise from the operator.

If you’ve determined that the operator has power, the next step is to ensure that nothing is physically impeding the gate’s movement – this may be a stone on the track, a plastic bag trapped in the gears, or something else. In this situation, your motor may need to be reset. It is typically a small fix, and occasionally, turning off and on the electricity does the trick.

Beyond this point, we recommend contacting a professional for further troubleshooting; fooling around with the operator when you’re not sure what you’re doing can cause more damage.

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    Our crew constructs fences as though they were a fence for their own house. Builders frequently take shortcuts to complete a project and receive payment. However, the fact that your gate or barrier is properly installed and will last you a long time matters most to us. We believe in carrying out tasks properly rather than the quick and simple approach. We only utilize the best materials to ensure that the fence we install will survive many years. If you are in doubt about proceeding with your project, please get in touch with us by phone or online so that we may have one of our experts answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to assist, not to upsell.

    Our skilled artisans have built all types of fencing and gates in Los Angeles. In addition to assisting with rail installation, we take pride in educating customers on how to properly care for their fences to ensure they last as long as possible. Regardless of whether you choose to have us construct your next fence project, we promise that after we visit your project site, you will know what you need to complete your job. We investigate everything.

    The construction sector is known for missed deadlines and no-shows. Although we acknowledge that things occasionally happen, we want you to know that you are our top concern and take our promises seriously. You may rely on us to maintain your level of awareness about the development of your projects and their expected completion dates, whether you’re an existing or prospective client. We are proud of the reliability and client service we provide. We will always arrive on time and according to plan.

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Maintaining the driveway gate on your business or home is in your best interest. Every day of the year, One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair is open. We promise that you’ll be pleased with the service you get from us.

We’ll work around your schedule to ensure our experts show up with fully furnished vehicles and vans. Our group is aware of how urgent a malfunctioning driveway gate is. Our first objective is to arrive at your residence or place of business quickly.

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