Can Electric Gates Be Forced Open?

Electric gates, also called motorized or automated gates, are frequently installed for security reasons. However, as we’ve previously stated, neither a wall nor a fence can be completely impervious, and gates are no exception.

Can you physically open an electric gate? If so, what can you do to safeguard your property and yourself?

Electric gate systems give your property increased security. Nevertheless, many clients inquire about the viability of forcing electric gates open.

The short answer is that it is possible to force open electric gates, but it is extremely challenging if the gates don’t move. This is both good and bad at the same time. Customers with this question typically worry about three scenarios:

  1. Can a trespasser enter the property?
  2. If you’re locked out (or in), can you move the gates?
  3. What happens during a power outage?

Electric gates can be forced open, yes.

Even with tools like a car jack or crowbar, forcing an electric gate open is not simple, but it is possible.

However, depending on how they are made and the material they are made of, electric gates can also be cut using hand or power tools. They can typically be driven through. Depending on the style and weight of the gate, the car might not be so attractive after all!

What Makes Electric Gates Difficult to Force Open

It’s crucial to remember that opening electric gates by force is difficult. If you were just passing by and decided to try on a whim, you couldn’t do this. To open an electric gate, you’ll need the right equipment and expertise.

Electric gate motors and operators use sophisticated gear and lever systems to hold gates securely in place. As a result, you would need to apply more force to those gears and levers than what they were intended to handle, which is typically quite a bit!

What Can You Do to Increase Automated Gate Security?

Nobody wants to hear that security fences or gates do not provide 100 percent security. We all want to believe that installing a fence or gate will solve the problem. However, walls, fences, and gates are only effective as a deterrent and delay if they are used to keep out dishonest people.

There are a few options you might consider if you want to increase the security of your automatic or electric gates:

  • Installing a fence detection system connected to your alarm system on your fence and gates will sound the alarm whenever your fence or gate is breached
  • Infrared beams can be used to accomplish the same task if the climate permits it. However, they perform less well in wintery regions where snow may cause erroneous alarms.
  • If you don’t have an alarm system, you could also use infrared beams to alert you when someone enters your gate without permission. This is done by connecting them to a siren and strobe light.
  • It’s always a wise idea to ask the experts who install your electric gates about the level of tamper resistance they provide. In addition, ask about the options available to notify you of unauthorized access.
  • If you’re installing an electric gate, make sure to pick the right tools for the job and have a trained expert install it. It’s the most secure way to ensure security.

Chain And Lock On Electric Sub Station Gate In The City With Dan


The type of electric gate system will determine the answer. Slide gates, for instance, are more challenging to force open than swing gates. Swing gates can be challenging to open, though.

Rarely will a burglar force open your electric gate. An intruder will typically look for the quickest, easiest way to enter your property stealthily if they intend to rob you. No thief wants to draw attention to themselves while committing a robbery, after all.

Additionally, opening electric swing gates requires a vehicle. And opening a gate in this manner is definitely not covert. It would garner interest. Of course, a burglar will employ any means necessary if they are desperate to get inside. However, the electric gate is typically too challenging for most intruders One of the characteristics that makes an electric gate so secure is this one.

They serve as a strong deterrent to criminal activity.

Let’s now address the technical concerns at hand. Electric gates may have to be opened. Manually opening the gates, however, requires force, like a vehicle. If the intruder exerts enough force on the edges farthest from the hinge (where the gate first opens), this may be accomplished.

An intruder could use this technique, which relies on the leverage principle, to pry the gate open. It operates by applying more pressure to the hinges, motor arms, and motors, which makes them more brittle and more likely to break. It’s unlikely that a criminal would open the gate using this technique, but it is possible. You can take action to address this problem.


Use of electronic or magnetic locks is one way to prevent a criminal from using force as we just described. Mag locks require more force to open gates. They can withstand 500 kg of force. These are typically advised for swing gates wider than 2 meters. In the event of a power failure or outage, an electronic fail-secure lock like the CISA will remain locked and capable of supporting up to 2000kg.


Unless you don’t mind severely (and expensively) damaging the gate’s motors and hardware, the answer is no. The majority of property owners who have to physically open their gates do so because there has been a power outage or another issue that prevents the gates from opening.

Do not use force to open your gates if there is a power outage.

The reason is that every electric gate has a manual release mechanism. This robust system, which is a component of the gate motor, disconnects the motor from the gate. It is simple to use a manual release.

Utilizing a key inserted into a lock on the motor housing is all that is necessary. You can manually open the gate by turning the key slowly.

By employing this manual technique, you can prevent costly damage to your electric gate’s components, such as the motors, motor arms, and mounting points. Ensure your key is kept safe inside your home, however. Replacement of a lost key can be expensive.


You might experience a power outage and need to open an electric gate. Therefore, you might want to consider getting a backup power source for your electric gate. In this manner, if your mains power supply fails, you can still use your gates normally for a minimum of a few times. This is before the power is turned back on. When you have to exit or enter during an emergency, that can significantly alter the situation.


Does your gate have a CISA/electronic lock or a mag lock? Because mag locks are fail safe, they won’t lock if there is no power to them. In the event of a power outage, CISA or electronic locks will remain locked.


Electric gates can be opened by force, but it takes some work. To get through your electric gate, an intruder would need physical force, likely with a vehicle. You can also manually operate your electric gate in a power outage. Whether you own a home or a business, professionally installing an electric gate is one of the most effective ways to ensure your property’s safety.

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