Can You Replace a Garage Door Without Replacing the Tracks?

In One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair, we install new garage doors at home, fitted with rails designed for that door. Despite the fact that you can replace a garage door without changing its rails, this is not recommended. Your new garage door comes with new tracks. If you don’t install them, you’ll be setting yourself up for a bunch of issues that will reduce its reliability.

Our team of experts understands that various companies produce rails that can be adjusted but do not function as intended. Therefore, when you replace a garage door, you must replace a whole set of parts. It needs to be overhauled to match the new garage door to ensure the system works properly. Otherwise, the garage door will not properly perform when something goes wrong with the rails.

What to Look For When Determining Rail Condition

  • There needs to be more spacing between the rails.

    If your garage door were installed incorrectly by the previous installers, it would affect how it opens and closes. When the door closes, it will hit someone or something or jam as you open it. Having this problem can be dangerous as well as irritating for family members.

    A solution is to reposition the rails, but we recommend hiring garage door experts like One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair to install new rails with the door. If your garage door is beaten up, your best option is to replace the entire system and door. You will save a great deal of time and effort in the long run if you do that.

  • You lose control of your garage door for no reason.

    Whenever the rails break, the garage door falls. As the rails wear down, they can bend, damage, and open up. There have been instances where they have come off the walls. As soon as the garage door begins to slip, you can detect this problem.

    You can also hire a professional like One & Only Garage Door and Electric Gate Repair to determine the condition of the rails. To ensure the rails perform reliably, we will inspect them and perform general maintenance. Always remember that sliding doors pose safety hazards and should be addressed as soon as possible.

  • Garage Doors That Make a Lot of Noise.

    A garage door can make sounds like scratching, screeching, or scraping. Finding out where the noise is coming from can be challenging. Rails with small breaks or worn-out rails are often the culprits. Wearing down the rails will result in the garage door scraping against them, creating loud noises.

    If the garage door’s wheels are misaligned, they will make a noise as they rub against it. Regardless of what is causing the noise, if your rails are in bad shape, you should call us to replace them.


Replace Tracks For Garage

Why You Should Replace Garage Door Tracks When Installing A New Garage Door

  1. Various types of garage doors require different types of garage tracks.

    The factory presets on your garage door are designed to work with a particular track. Despite your current adjusting ways, the tracks may misalign and cause your door to stop moving or further damage it.

  2. There is a possibility that old tracks pose a safety hazard to you and your family.

    You may experience rust, warping, or bends in your tracks over time, compromising the safety of your garage door system. When it’s time to replace the garage door, it’s probably time to replace the tracks. Keeping your garage door system in good repair is the best way to prevent accidents and keep it functioning correctly.

  3. There is a risk of further property damage from deteriorating tracks.

    Again, if your tracks are old, they may be rusting, warping, or bending, which may cause your garage door to drop suddenly. In this case, you may damage your new garage door, your vehicle, or the structure of your garage. Repairing your garage door opener or replacing these items will be much higher than replacing the tracks.

  4. The new tracks are more durable and quiet.

    On rollers, your garage door moves along the tracks. Rollers and tracks work in tandem, so if one is underperforming, the other will also suffer. Tracks that are clean, updated, and free of rust reduce operating wear and noise by allowing rollers to move smoothly.

  5. Improved looks and performance are the hallmarks of a new system.

    If you bought a new pair of shoes, you wouldn’t stick your old dirty laces on them. It’s the same with your garage door. Garage door tracks will not only improve the functionality of your system but also enhance its appearance. Tracks that are muddy, rusty, and old interfere with your attractive new investment, so replace everything simultaneously to avoid distractions.

Garage Door Track Reuse: Things to Consider

If you need help, use the old track with a new entry if you are installing a different brand or style of the door within the same brand. When choosing the track type for a specific door, thickness and weight are critical factors. The tracks may not support a new entry if it is thicker or heavier than the old one, even by a few pounds.

Aside from weight and thickness, headroom, operator size, and location may also affect track requirements that still need to be met by old tracks. Garage door sections and tracks operate as a system; if one is missing, the system fails, resulting in injury. You should always use the track designed for your new garage door to ensure long life and maximum performance.

Your Best Provider of Expert Garage Door Services

Tracks for garage doors are inexpensive, and their lifespan is proportional to how long you will use them. You will regret cutting corners during garage installation when more severe problems arise in the future.

Contact One & Only Garage Door and Gate Repair for professional opener repair services if it’s time to repair or replace your garage door. We will address garage door issues immediately to prevent further damage to your door, potential safety issues, or damage to your belongings. As part of our garage door inspection, we check for damage to various parts of the door. We will then repair or replace all necessary components to restore your garage door to its original condition.

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