How much is a new garage door single car?

The garage door adds value to your home by improving curb appeal and saving energy. Consider getting a new garage door to keep your family and valuables safe inside your home.

For homeowners, garages serve various purposes, whether as storage, workshops, or parking garages. For your garage to be functional, it must have a working door. Several factors determine the cost of a single-car garage door installation, including the type of material used, the finish grade, the size, the structural requirements, and the labor rate.

Estimate Cost of Garage Door Installation
Average Cost $1,200
Highest Cost $2,300
Lowest Cost $260


Factors Influencing Garage Door Installation Cost

Several factors influence garage door installation costs. In many cases, you have control over the final price. When you want to keep it simple, garage doors can fit almost any budget, even if they are custom-designed.

Garage Door Size

Garage doors are more expensive to install when oversized. A great deal of overlap exists between similar garage door sizes, which means garage door sizes are relatively standard. Various materials are priced differently in the comprehensive cost range. Sizes and average costs are as follows:

  • Single-car garage door (8′ x 7′): $400 to $900
  • Double-car garage door (16′ x 7′): $650 to $3,600
Number of Garage Doors

Costs increase as the number of doors grows. Single garage doors usually cost the least, followed by double garage doors. Custom garage doors are the most expensive.

  • Single door: $600 to $1,500
  • Double door: $800 to $3,500
  • Custom door: Over $1,000
Garage Door Type

The way garage doors open and close is often used to categorize them. Depending on the door’s material and whether any additional hardware is required, the final price for a specific type of garage door can vary significantly. We have listed several common types of garage doors below, along with a brief description and a starting price of each kind.

  • Sectional

    The sectional comprises horizontal, hinged sections that run the length of the garage ceiling. A garage door of this type starts at around $700 and is the most common type.

  • Single Panel

    Single-panel garage doors slide above cars when opened and consist of a single piece. These doors do not bend or curve like sectional doors. The cheapest doors to install for a single panel start at around $400.

  • Swing-out/Sliding

    Swing-out doors open like regular doors, while sliding doors slide open to rest against garage walls when they are opened. There are very few of these doors, and they are costly. Prices typically start around $1,000.

  • Roll-Up

    These garage doors are rolled up just above the entrance like window blinds. They do not cover the ceiling. Labor costs are typically high, but the price starts at around $650.

Garage Door Material

The door material has the most significant impact on the overall cost of installation since some materials are more expensive than others. Each material has pros and cons, so choose one that meets your needs. Here are six of the most common materials, their prices, and a summary of their quality for an 8′ x 7′ garage door.

  • Metal

    There is a wide range of prices for steel garage doors, ranging from $450 to $1,500 on average. Wet climates can cause rust, but they are widespread and long-lasting. The cost of aluminum doors ranges from $500 to $2,000, but they do not rust, are lighter, and are better insulated. Denting can also occur with metal doors.

  • Fiberglass and Vinyl

    Both are low-maintenance options that look like wood for around $800 to $2,000. In extreme temperatures, they can crack or be damaged. There is no easy way to customize them.

  • Composite

    The cost of composite garage doors ranges from 750 to 1,600 dollars. Compared to wood, they require little maintenance. Insulation is good and not easily damaged.

  • Glass

    A garage door with tempered glass and aluminum or wooden frame makes a beautiful addition to any garage, especially if you want your garage to have plenty of natural light. However, its bulkiness and lack of insulation make it unsuitable for indoor use. The price will be similar to or slightly higher than composite doors.

  • Wood

    This material requires regular maintenance throughout the year. Depending on the type of wood used, their appearance will vary. The price of wood doors typically exceeds $1,000.

Garage Door Design

One of the most customizable aspects of a garage door is its design. When you add windows, patterns, frames, and decorative hardware, the cost of a standard paneled entry may become comparable to a French or carriage door ($700 versus $1,100). A highly customized door can cost up to $1,000. For example, you can find door handles for under $50 if you only need minor customizations.

Save On Garage Door Costs

How To Save on Garage Door Costs

The cost of replacing a garage door can quickly increase since many types and upgrades are available. Saving money can be achieved in a few ways; however:

  • Choosing an elemental style can save you money: Customizing your garage door can dramatically increase its cost. Staying within your budget is easy by sticking to a basic design.
  • In many cases, purchasing your garage door directly from the supplier is more cost-effective and allows you to choose an independent contractor within your budget.
  • Identify your must-haves: You might not be able to live without an automatic garage door or a keypad entry, but skipping high-end finishes or natural light windows can help you stay within your budget.
  • Keeping up with regular maintenance ensures that your garage door will last longer and will require fewer repairs in the future.

Invest in a garage door with a warranty: You will save money on future repairs if you buy a garage door with a warranty.

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